Spicy Grilled Potatoes, Secret Recipe Club — 10 Comments

  1. You will LOVE your spiralizer. I held out too, and now I use it once or twice a week AT LEAST. It’s particularly well suited I think to summer meals. Meanwhile, a big huge welcome to the Secret Recipe Club – I love the recipe you chose 🙂 Great pick! (1500-2000 recipes??? Holy cow! That’s impressive!!)

  2. I know what you mean about “been there, done that,” and I haven’t done nearly as much as you. But I still get a kick out of your stories of life with the puppies and ton mari, so I’m glad you are finding new inspiration.

  3. Welcome to the Secret Recipe Club. You will LOVE it! 1500 to 2000 recipes?! That is impressive! You should be very proud. Now about those potatoes… They look delicious! We cook outdoors a few times every month, and will be trying this at our next family cookout.

  4. WimpyVegetarian, I can wait to try it! I have so many veggies in my garden right now. And thanks for the welcome!

    Thanks, Chit Chat – I think it’s working 😉

    Thanks, Sara… we loved them,

    Zoomie, like I said it’s easier in the winter when I do all the cooking…. but I think my 2 plans will help.

    Lori, outdoors is best in summer LOL

    Kate, me too ‘-)

    LeslieLimon, thanks! The potatoes were great – and we cook everything outdoors in the summer…. well, the hubs does. I do winter…

  5. What’s a spiralizer??

    Ha! i can’t stop thinking that the secret recipe club isn’t very good at keeping a secret. …of course, that was before I actually read the rules. Your secret potatoes sound great!