Zucchini Noodles with Cherry Tomatoes, the Spiralizer — 20 Comments

  1. Katie, I’ve been looking at these noodle machines, but not sure that I want to spend $28-50 on one. They all look the same, no matter what the price. Which one did you get?

    Also, I note that you never seen the most wonderful sauce on earth, oyster sauce. How come? ?

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  2. Yay, you got one! I just got a new one, and have been spiralizing all weekend – tuna zucchini casserole, apple noodle & tuna salad, zucchini rice with cranberries, goat cheese & walnuts, spiralized sweet potato mac & cheese, tzatiki salad, etc. The best part is that my niece and nephew are visiting, and they’ve been eating everything up like crazy because they think the veggies are pasta or rice!

    • Oh, and I made zucchini “meatballs” too, and then a chocolate ‘cake’ with the leftover spiralized zucchini. 🙂

  3. Glad you bought a spiralizer too Katie! Looking forward to your recipes ! Stacy

  4. Hey Katie, guess what I bought today? It was that or the zucchinis were taking over the refrigerator…

  5. What? No photo of the spiralizer in action?!

    I must say that your zoodles {snort} sound great! And what an excellent way to make cooked zucchini palatable. (Have you seen Jamie Oliver’s zucchini salad – on his show from his garden – that is zucchini ribbons made with a vegetable peeler? I bet your spiralizer would work well with that! Here is the recipe:

    Oh my, “just add herbs and spices to store-bought mayonnaise” to make aioli? Hahahahahaha That reminds me of the TV cook, James Barber (the Urban Peasant), who once said, “And if you don’t have chilis, use turmeric”.

  6. nightsmusic, it would be great on pasta…..

    Ina, we like quick and easy…. and everything from the garden

    brassfrog, apparently you missed my grilled chicken wings in oyster sauce… Yes I have it.But thanks for the reminder, Mine is a Lurch.

    k-sam – I just made a chocolate zucchini cake!!!! It has to be great for kids. And we big kids are having fun with it too. I think I’ll try the tuna casserole next, And sweet potatoes. Never thought about apples….. So many ideas….

    Stacy, I’m glad I finally did, too lol

    brassfrog, they get out of control so quickly…. You know that’s why people in Lake Woebegone keep their doors locked in the summer (to prevent zucchini drop-offs from the neighbors) Have fun with your new toy

    Elizabeth, what really amazes me is, with such easy access to info on the internet, how ‘food writers’ still get the basics so very wrong. Thanks for the link – I usually like his recipes.

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    • Sorry I can’t answer your question Colleen, I think it depends more on the length of the vegetable then on the type of spiralizer, though…. I only have one.;-)

  8. You have inspired me to try mine. One of my favorite vegetable dishes is made with carrots and zucchini cut into matchstick sized pieces and sautéed in butter and garlic, simply seasoned with salt and pepper. Can’t wait to try this recipe with the spiralizer I have sitting in my kitchen drawer!

    • I love mine for zucchini, squashes, carrots and potatoes…. I put a pile of spiralized potatoes in the oven and they’re crisp and ready in less than 20 minutes!

  9. I like your dislike (ha) of the preachiness of some cookbooks. I almost didn’t buy one that turned out to be very useful because I couldn’t stand how self-righteous the author seemed in one of her other books. Not to mention that she went into way too much detail about exactly which body parts would be enhanced by which nutrients – when I’m reading a cookbook, I want it to make me hungry, and comments like “This recipe is so good for the blood-building cells of the pancreas!” have the opposite effect!

    • Right! If I want a medical text I’ll buy one – or a nutrition text or whatever. One of the things I like about getting them on Kindle – or, even better, sampling them on Kindle. People are getting far too preachy about food. lol

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  11. I love the spiralizer for zucchini. I have made several different dishes but our favorite is shrimp scampi over the zuddles.