Barbecued Zucchini (Courgette), random bits — 11 Comments

  1. My coffee comes out of a plastic tub with Folgers written on the side. It’s cheap and good enough for me. I have friends who spend upwards of $8 a day on some grand frappla lup china rino something.

  2. Phoenicia, I hadn’t googled her for ages and really was so happy to see she was still doing it. Nice to see someone’s dream working.

    wonky73. mine is the local store brand…. And for special occasions I had a dash of cocoa. 8 a day? That’s almost 3,000 a year. Yikes! Yep, I’m out of the loop!

  3. In Australia I maybe spent $4.00 on a large take away. In Marrakech the take away coffee culture does not exist and I make my own using a French press at the riad or use my secondhand Nespresso machine at home but there is a Starbucks here if you are longing to pay through the nose and order a pumpkin spice decaf latte or such like.

  4. We have a Kuerig which we no longer use since we bought a Nespresso. I probably have 20 different coffees to choose from since we bought it. We are hooked! They cost 70-75¢ apiece and range in intensity from 4-12. The milk foamer makes it simple to make a late or cappuccino. I never did like that over-priced over-roasted Starbucks crap.


  5. Yes, many Americans spend $3-$5 daily on a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Pete’s. It’s a thing, now. Even My Beloved and I walk down most mornings to town to get a cup of coffee. We have a Starbucks in our little town, but we prefer the coffee, the prices, and the family who runs the other cafe in town, so we go there. It’s more expensive than making it at home, but it gets us up and out for a walk, often our only motivation. ?

  6. Why yes, I do have a major weakness for silk scarves… in fact, it makes it so I cannot afford to go to any kind of coffee chain (upmarket or not) every day. Not that I would. I am a snob and I think their overpriced coffee is inferior.

    The local farmers’ market was selling beautiful yellow zucchini last week. It didn’t occur to us to grill them though. We turned them into fritters (sort of like your timbales but not as beautifully shaped).

  7. I have a cousin who was big time into Starbucks … and they joked about it being a “real” budget item. I on the other time do enjoy a really good coffee and I’ll probably pay than some will BUT I’ll be making it at home. Starbucks has always tasted burnt to me so I actually refuse to buy it in any shape.
    Always in the market more zucchini ideas and this looks great.

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  9. Kate, no take-away culture here, either, although I am seeing a few Starbucks around. People just don’t want to walk and drink or eat!

    brassfrog, we have a Senseo, which I don’t thinks is available in the US. It uses small paper pads or we just use our own ground…. no plastic cups, And no frothing milk…. sigh. But I could buy a proper espresso machine….

    Zoomie, now having it at the end of a lovely morning walk is totally different! Then it’s worth it.

    Uncle Bob – good and so easy! We like easy in summer

    Elizabeth, scarves trump overpriced inferior coffee any day. For the grilled squashes you really need to have bigger ones – we grill the ones I ‘miss’ in the garden LOL

    Tanna, coffee culture is really big in Spain – but they have really good coffee and it’s cheap. On the 2 1/2 hour bus ride from Andorra to Barcelona there was always a 20 minute coffee stop for the passengers.