Bread Baking Babes summer in Italy, L’Otto di Merano

L’Otto di Merano.

The Bread Baking Babes need a geography lesson.

This isn’t the Finnish bread it started out to be, but when does life work out according to plan?

And, if one is baking in the heat of August one should bake a bread from a warmer climate right?

If you want to know what living within easy biking distance of a brewery supply store has to do with the bread going from Finnish to Italian you’ll just have to read the whole story.BBBlogoAugust2015

Elizabeth, of blog from OUR kitchen and our host kitchen for August, tells it with her usual flourish.

She also baked some lovely bread.

According to the ‘official’ recipe:  “This moist and slightly tangy rye gets its name from its shape: two balls of bread connected at the center look like a figure eight. Eat it with smoked meats, game, smoked salmon, caviar, fresh cheeses, or oysters.”

As usual, I have visions of red wine, hard cheese and smoked sausage.

If you want to join the fun this month go to blog from OUR kitchen and get the recipe as well as the scoop on being a Bread Baking Buddy this month.

Elizabeth’s Bread


Karen’s Bread


Cathy’s Bread


Lien’s Bread


Judy’s Bread


Karen’s Bread



And that’s it (so far) for the Babes in August!

And the Babes are:

 The Bread Baking Babes

Bake My Day – Karen
blog from OUR kitchen – Elizabeth
Bread Experience – Cathy
Feeding My Enthusiasms – Elle
girlichef – Heather
Judy’s Gross Eats – Judy
Life’s a Feast – Jamie
Living in the Kitchen with Puppies – Natashya
Lucullian Delights – Ilva
Karen’s Kitchen Stories – Karen
My Diverse Kitchen — Aparna
My Kitchen In Half Cups – Tanna
Notitie Van Lien – Lien
And me…. Thyme for Cooking – Katie 

From the BBBBB (Bitchin’ Bread Baking Babe Bibliothécaire).

Last update on August 18, 2015

4 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes summer in Italy, L’Otto di Merano”

  1. Oh how I missed out this month. All look so grand and I do so love rye. I’m hopeful when I get home that the new brewery near will have the malted rye and share with a bread baker like me. Malted rye sounds like heaven.

  2. It is pretty fabulous, Tanna. But. Next time I make the bread, I think I’ll add a little more rye flour, as well as a little more malted rye, as well as a LOT less fennel seed. The rye flavour we barely perceptible.

    Many thanks, as always, for your archive, Katie. I love seeing all the breads in one place.

  3. Tanna, you poor thing – suffering in the south of France. We missed you.Hope you’re having a wonderful time.

    Elizabeth, less fennel???? I haven’t had rye bread in ages… Never see it here.

    • Yes, less fennel even though it was good with ten times the amount of fennel seed (25g instead of 2.5g) and in spite of the fact that my motto is “if some is good, more must be better”, even I think that the amount of fennel seed I added might have been somewhat excessive.

      (Ah! It feels so good to have written yet one more run-on sentence!)

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