Caramel Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting, twice — 6 Comments

  1. Looks yummy! Though I can’t do the nuts 🙁 My oldest insists that she can bake without instructions. She can’t. She has yet to figure out that baking is a science of sorts. It’s not like meat and potatoes, but she still tries. And then wonders why often, things aren’t baked done, or over done or not enough flour or…well, you get the idea. Your mother may not have needed measurements because she’d been baking so long, she’d developed a knack for the right amounts. But that takes time and practice.

  2. It looks delicious. We have an apple tree and a walnut tree. Added to that the family have discovered salted caramel ice cream which has pushed dark chocolate ice cream from the number 1 position.
    The picture of your first attempt reminded me of the time the oven thermostat failed very early on in our married life and the toothpick test failed me!! That cake was also destined for a dinner party but at least it meant the oven was fixed in record time.

  3. nightsmusic, baking is a science and needs to be precise…. Which is why I prefer cooking. My mother learned to bake the old-fashioned way – handful of this, etc. But, she was taught be her mother when she was a child. My mother never bothered to teach me…. Or I never bothered to listen. One of the two….

    Gill, toothpick tests are NOT supposed to fail! That salted caramel ice cream was soooooo good. And the cake was really, really good, too LOL

  4. Katie, That looks like a really, really good cake! Plus you said so. But thanks for showing your failures too. We all learn something from them.