Chard Leaves Stuffed with Bacon and Mushrooms, meanderings — 7 Comments

  1. I have got to make this recipe. Sounds delicious!

    Rather disappointing about the fireplaces. At least from my POV. We have ours almost rough framed at this point and the firebox is set but the cold air intake is presenting a bit of a problem since everywhere we’ve tried to run it, we can’t get through to the outside wall without asking Antman for help. But we’re working on it!

  2. Amy, once the chard starts growing I have to get creative – fast! It’s as bad as the zucchini, and can get boring in a hurry lol

    Ina, thanks – fun to see the before and after at the same time.

    nightsmusic, we have the big fireplace in the TV room / den, and the wood stove in the kitchen – which are the rooms we use. That’s enough! But it’s easy enough to remove the roof tiles and drop a new flue in if we want. So nice you’ll have yours working by winter. I would really miss it (much as I complain)

  3. I have been remiss. Your living room looks beautiful! I particularly like ornaments on the mantelpiece – especially the bird.

    • And I have never stuffed grape leaves LOL I have chard in my garden so that’s what gets used.
      We’ve had that heron for so long I have no idea where it came from – Thanks, I love it too