Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread; R.I.P. my Hearts — 9 Comments

  1. I miss MahJong Titans which disappeared with Windows 8. Had I known, I might never have upgraded! Why, oh why, does Microsoft always think they have to improve every little thing!?!

  2. I used to play hearts on the computer, then one time I caught it cheating. Really. A card I had passed right showed up from the left. I quit playing it then.

  3. Well at least we have 30 days to decide whether we want to keep windows 10 or go back to what we had before, however, it does state that some of our programs may be lost forever if we do that. What to do, What to do!

  4. I am not so good with change when things like that happen. Where my computer is concerned I am stuck in a rut. I play Words with Friends – I am an addict for word games.

  5. nightsmusic, I’m not sure which irritates me more – the fact that they took them away or the fact that I can find replacements, but with ads…

    Tanna, brown sugar is good…. I ‘clear my mind’ too often some days.

    brassfrog, is nothing sacred?!?!?

    Delline, I’ve adjusted…. Once again I have adjusted to ‘progress’. Sigh….

    Kate, Oh dear…. Words is rather addicting, isn’t it?

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