Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken; 2nd Secret Recipe — 8 Comments

  1. I am liking what I see – some of those ‘secret recipes’ could be done even here where availability of items dictates cooking along with how hot the day is !!

  2. So pleased your enjoying the club Katie – I also love that we’re all so different in our styles and taste buds. I personally don’t eat gluten or sugar for health reasons, so it can be hard work finding a recipe to suit my needs, but it’s also a lot of fun digging through all of the wonderful recipes.

  3. This chicken looks wonderful. I’ve been enjoying chicken breasts recently and how easy and versatile they are.

  4. Kate, availability is also an issue for me – not of fresh foods, but often with stuff that goes into baked foods.

    Thanks, LeslieLimon…

    Chit Chat Chomp, digging through the blogs is half the fun!

    bcmom, we eat a lot of chicken breasts – and in summer they’re all done on the grill.

    danielle, always good when the kids are happy!

  5. I had a not unsimilar experience with the event “Taste and Create”.

    The chicken looks good, even though the mayonnaise in the sauce scares me. (But then, I do have that silly problem with eggs….)