Plum Crisps, Single Serving Size; News!!! — 13 Comments

  1. I’ve made plum jam. Peeling them all (not the tiny ones you show, but the ones the size of a nectarine) was a pain. But the jam was wonderful!

    We have our fireplace roughed in for the most part. Now comes the “why don’t we cover it” “but I wanted” “I know, but if we did” passive/aggressive bit my husband always tries to pull. It’s very tiring, causes arguments and things end up getting done the way I’d envisioned them to begin with.

    I’ll be glad when this is finished.

  2. I would like just one of those 500 channels – cooking and lifestyle please – I am a bit starved for that sort of thing. CNN just does not do it for me.

  3. Netflix is critical! When we’re tired of the network pap we can watch something like Rita, a subtitled Danish serial that is wonderful, or one of the many British detective shows.

  4. Congratulations on being included in the WSJ article!! It will be interesting to see if your traffic increases. Fun stuff!

  5. Oh, that Plum Crisp looks so good. I made plum jam one year and we liked it. I mixed the dark cherries and some sour cherries for jam this year . Man is it good. You sound like us. Buy something better and you need 6 more things to make it work!!!

  6. nightsmusic, I don’t peel the plums – as they are the size of cherries, I’m doing good to remove the stones LOL I hate that part of the process – it’s much the same here – both the discussions and the end result 😉

    Tanna, we started with the satellite so we could get English tv – but it’s time to get rid of some of them. I only watch 3 or 4 anyway… Without it we would only have French TV, which we haven’t managed to get working yet Sigh….

    Kate, CNN would do me in… I have found a good substitute for the Cooking and Lifestyle shows. If I do I’ll let your know.

    brassfrog, we are learning to appreciate Netflix – if only we had better / faster internet. Always a trade-off somewhere

    Thanks, Zoomie! It got a nice hit for a few days anyway. Long-term? Who knows….

    Evelyn, nothing is easy anymore…. Even making the jam here is different as I can’t just buy pectin LOL

  7. How cool is that?! Congratulations!

    Ha! I remember those simpler times. Why, I remember when we only had 2 channels and a black and white TV. Thinking back, it really was preferable to have to stand up to change the channel than to have to go frantically throwing cushions and magazines around while searching for a mislaid remote, all to avoid standing up and walking a few steps to manually change the channel….

  8. Silly me. I was so busy on memory lane that I neglected to say, Mmmmmm…. Plum crisp. My favourite!! I love having plum crisp and plain yoghurt for breakfast.

  9. Well, now that you can get both Netflix and YouTube you can watch the Great British Baking Contest. What fun!

  10. I misread that and thought you were buying a scarf 60 ‘ long !!!!! If I make a crsip/crumble I eat it three meals a day – I love it. I do plum and apple here in Marrakesh in winter and apple and nectarine in summer.