Salad with Sautéed Turkey and Warm Goat Cheese; technical glitch — 3 Comments

  1. I use Newsblur as my reader and haven’t missed one post. I started using it when they announced Google Reader was going bye-bye. (Very traumatic time for me, I might add!) But! That said, the link in your email today with “Friday’s Post” as the clickable link, won’t resolve. This is what it ends up looking like:

    http:// http//

    There are too many http’s in it and can’t find the server.

    I do use the premium Newsblur because I have too many feeds for the free, but out of all that I tried (five or six IIRC) Newsblur delivered the most consistently out of all of them and was close in looks to Google Reader. This is not an ad! Just a recommendation because as I said, I’ve had no interruption with it.

  2. Tanna, there is always something, isn’t there…

    nightsmusic, sorry about the bad link. I’ll check out Newsblur. I’ve been using Old Reader…. I think I have my problems sorted now