Stuffed Zucchini (Courgette farcies); tired from shopping? — 6 Comments

  1. The courgettes look really tasty.
    Our shopping day is Monday because that is market day in our shopping town. It starts with calling in at the baker en route ( wood fired oven so worth the detour), a walk into the market to buy salade and moules plus what ever else we need that looks good. My other half puts that in the cool box whilst I start the supermarket shopping and then he helps me finish whatever I have left to do. We then do what you do with the unpacking, packing, unpacking at home and both of us end up exhausted! We hate to admit it, but we suspect it may be age related!

  2. I remember so well the huge numbers of bags of shopping when all the children were growing up. I did not mind the actual trip to the supermarket but hated with a passion the unpacking.

  3. Those courgette look like little boats, tasty ones.

    >Over the course of an hour…

    That’s where shopping wears me out. I can’t stand to do it and will race the cart around picking up everything on my list, and not browsing for anything off my list, in order to minimize the time spent. I wish I were rich enough to have a trusty sidekick to do all shopping for me. Sometimes we buy something on Amazon just to avoid traveling to a store for a one-time-purchased item.

  4. Tanna, I really liked the minimum prep… easy for summer!

    Gill, I am not willing to acknowledge any possibility of anything being age related. I’m firmly in denial. I blame it on the French shoppers who spend all their time blocking the aisles, talking lol

    Kate, when I was doing that I was shopping at the store that bagged it and put it in my car. Still had the unpacking…..

    Dan, I stick to my list, too. and have it n aisle order to minimize running. I get really irritated when I forget something at the far corner of the store. And our stores are really big lol

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