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Bread Baking Babes go south of the border — 6 Comments

  1. Silly me! I never thought of having hot chocolate with conchas! Now I’m going to have to make more just to try that combination.

    (I can’t get out of my head the arch looks of horror at the idea of someone daring to open a Mexican bakery in France. :-D)

  2. Heather, no, but we have bread trucks that deliver if you live to far from town….

    Elizabeth, thick, really dark hot chocolate… none of this pale stuff…

    Karen, indeed it would – my Christmas breakfast

  3. No Mexican Bakeries in France … I think you are correct … BUT when you say warm sweet rolls, cinnamon and sugar crunchy topping, mug of coffee, that sounds like something the French would go for. Sounds like most everybody went for these.