Bread Baking Babes go south of the border


The Bread Baking Babes are celebrating Independence Day!

No, they don’t have their calendar backwards.

It’s Mexican Independence Day (or it was, anyway….)

Heather, of girlichef, and our host kitchen for September, loves this bread and bakes it often…..

She says:

Conchas translates to shells in English, and they get their name from the beautiful sugar crust that tops them, since it is cut to BBB logo September 2015resemble the shape of a seashell. If you have a good Mexican Panaderia (bakery) near you, you’ve probably seen these colorful sweet rolls before. If you’ve never tried them, I recommend getting to the bakery early and loading up a tray with a pile of them, still warm from the oven. Seriously, a concha and a cup of coffee is enough to bring a smile to anybody’s face in the morning.

Funny thing….. We don’t have a lot of Mexican bakeries here in France.

I think I could safely say we don’t have any.

But I keep thinking… warm sweet rolls, cinnamon and sugar crunchy topping, mug of hot chocolate….

Now, that’s breakfast!

If you want to join the fun this month go to girlichef and get the recipe as well as the scoop on being a Bread Baking Buddy this month.

Heather’s Conchas


Elizabeth’s Conchas


Elle’s Conchas


Cathy’s Conchas


Lien’s Conchas


Judy’s Conchas


Karen’s Conchas


And that’s it (so far) for the Babes in September!

And the Babes are:

 The Bread Baking Babes

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girlichef – Heather
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Karen’s Kitchen Stories – Karen
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And me…. Thyme for Cooking – Katie 

From the BBBBB (Bitchin’ Bread Baking Babe Bibliothécaire).

Last update on September 18, 2015

6 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes go south of the border”

  1. Silly me! I never thought of having hot chocolate with conchas! Now I’m going to have to make more just to try that combination.

    (I can’t get out of my head the arch looks of horror at the idea of someone daring to open a Mexican bakery in France. :-D)

  2. Heather, no, but we have bread trucks that deliver if you live to far from town….

    Elizabeth, thick, really dark hot chocolate… none of this pale stuff…

    Karen, indeed it would – my Christmas breakfast

  3. No Mexican Bakeries in France … I think you are correct … BUT when you say warm sweet rolls, cinnamon and sugar crunchy topping, mug of coffee, that sounds like something the French would go for. Sounds like most everybody went for these.

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