Roast Pork on a Bed of Onions; I’m trying to have more fun — 7 Comments

  1. It is far more fun when the dances occur between courses of a long French dinner, starting after the main course. By then the wine has flowed, no one worries about having 2 left feet and there are always enthusiastic teachers. The really serious dancers tend to group together and the rest just enjoy themselves. We experience this every second year at an old car event in the Loire – the dinner alternates with a less formal one followed by night “demonstrations”. I never remember the steps over two years and I know I would be bored by weekly classes. We all have different ideas of fun.

    My last pork roast was on a bed of small shallots and diced celeriac with a bit of cider to stop the vegetables becoming too caramelised. Next year when we are back I will try your version. I have had no success with growing sage at our other abode.

  2. Sounds like you need to find a ballroom dance group for your fun evenings. More variety and more musicality. Not knocking line dancing, which many love, but you like the other kind and I’m sure there are like-minded dancers in your area.

  3. That is too strange! When you said you were going to try line dancing or Western dance, I foolishly assumed that there would be bagpipes, a couple of fiddles and a tambour or two and that it was some sort of French country dancing (as in contredanse). I imagined gavottes, rondes, bourrées, maybe something daring like an Arabesque…. It never occurred to me that you would be dancing to Willie Nelson!

    I love the French!

    I also love the sound of roast pork on a bed of onions – again, I initially had a completely different idea when I first started reading. I thought your title ended with “bad onions” and that you were going to outline how to rescue onions that have gone off (like the crazily sprouting cooking onions we had in the kitchen when it got so hot and humid)

  4. Line dancing can be fun as you learn the basic moves you can add flourish to them but more fun is just being out there with friends old and new trying to be insync with each and the music. There is a Mexican line dance that eliminates the 1/4 turn and just does 1/2 turns and only has about three moves to the dance talk about boring! LOL. But you add the extra left feet and in some places the extra alcohol and it can be lots of fun or at least funny. what songs are you learning to? I am not a pork fan but this one sounds like it could be yummy

  5. Gill, part of my reluctance is I get hives if I exercise after eating – so those between course dances are out for me. And I would be forever explaining

    Can’t wait Kate!

    Zoomie, I need to find something, but not the night of my class and conversation group…. too much.

    Elizabeth, Willie Nelson would be fun,,,, I don’t don’t know or like the music lol

    Gayle, the songs are totally unfamiliar, I know no one and am 1 of 2 out of 25, that speaks English… Which would all be okay if I thought it was fun lol

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