Roasted Red Onions with Crispy Ham; puppy love — 6 Comments

  1. Little rascals! And the puppies are extremely cute too. Our cats have a remarkable ability to ignore dogs when more important things, like petting and food (food! #birdinthebackyardrightnow! or damn you human, food! food! now!) are occupying their brains.

    Maybe this recipe can convince ma femme that onions are not evil things to be placed around one’s neck to ward off vampires. She was born in Norway, but maybe to Romanian parents (?). She hates onions.

  2. Kate, aren’t they darling?

    Zoomie, maybe it’s time…

    Dan, no onions? None? How can that be? I’m half Norwegian…. I like onions lol

    Bob, cute and small lol

    Tanna, could be time. They are cute.