Tian de Courgette; meanderings — 5 Comments

  1. Great book case! I too am a reader…I would miss my books terribly if they had to be packed away for a long time…many of them I re-read over and over in between new books on the go!

  2. I am absolutely amazed at the transformation. Truly. It’s become such a warm and inviting place. You both should be proud.

    My books have been packed since last October when we moved. I refuse to unpack them all, just to pack them again in order to paint. Every time I think about them in boxes, I get itchy. Some are my go-to reads that I pick up every few months because the new rash of books coming out are not interesting to me and it’s been so bad to not pick them up, I’ve resorted to buying eBook copies just to read them until I can hold them again. And pet them. And hug them…and call them George…(wassup, doc?)

  3. Thanks, Kate

    Zoomie, I’m having fun….

    Ina, I re-read them all, too… sometimes many times.

    nightusmusic, I resorted to opening the boxes, carefully removing one or two, then repacking. It was like Christmas when I could finally unpack them all.