Turkey & Chard Quiche; Marrakesh express — 6 Comments

  1. Enjoy your family reunion and your travels and don’t overdo the cleaning beforehand. The chances are no one will notice a bit of dust and cobwebs re-appear so quickly in France, you cannot eliminate all those anyway.

  2. The quiche looks delish! As to the friends, family and travel, forget the cleaning. They’re not coming to see a clean house, they’re coming to see you! Travel well, have fun and return relaxed. Have a wonderful time 🙂

  3. Will have to try the potato crust…sounds perfect and so much easier than pastry. Pumpkin and puppies sound great for the season. You will be fine, but do stop and breathe now and again. Know exactly what you are talking about…no time…yet the important stuff seems to get done. Have a blast in Marrakesh!

  4. Gill, they do come back quickly, don’t they…. And you’re right, no one cares (but me lol)

    Thanks, Zoomie.

    Kate ;-))

    nightsmusic, the quiche was good – family better

    Elle. potato crust is soooo easy (I don’t do pastry)