Zucchini, Chard and Tomato Gratin — 5 Comments

  1. I think I posted the other day that our fireplace is roughed in so now, we get to finish it First, we have to agree on what we want to finish it with…

    I no longer buy wine at wine fairs here. It’s MUCH more expensive at the fairs though I still haven’t figured out why.

  2. nightsmusic, well, you have a month or 2 to get it finished,,,,, The wine being more expensive does’t make sense,,,, ours are usually a good deal – and wine is cheaper here, anyway lol

  3. I would love to have some of that yellow zucchini! (Is it my imagination, or are yellow zucchini sweeter and more flavourful than green zucchini?)

    Ha! I was playing with my food the other night… and as you have so much chard, you might want to try something like what I made. It was wonderful, even if it’s me saying it.

    I started by throwing some oil into the pan and some mustard seeds. When they began to pop, I added thinly sliced onion. Then when the onion was just starting to colour, I added julienned red pepper (you must have peppers in your garden!), a little garlic, sliced apples and stirred those around a little before adding chopped Swiss chard, a small amount of stock and a tiny bit of rice vinegar. If I’d had any zucchini, I’d have added some of that too, thinly sliced.

    While the vegetables were cooking, I boiled pasta (but the colourful mess could have easily been served on couscous, rice, quinoa, etc. etc.). Just before draining the pasta, I added goat cheese and tarragon to the Swiss chard mixture. I garnished the dish with the tiniest amount of smoked sausage cut up into tiny pieces (basically looking like bread crumbs) – I think the sausage amounted to about a tablespoon.

    …Morocco!! How cool is that?! I’m suitably even more envious of you than usual.

  4. Thanks for the alert re the wine fair. We took a break from removing ronces and ivy yesterday morning to improve the chais stocks. Whilst doing so I managed to get some very nice Bar which I baked in the oven last night.

  5. Elizabeth, I do a lot of mixed veggie stuff, but never thought about adding apples (or mustard seeds). The yellow just seems to produce nicely – one every other day….

    Gill, we always stock up at the fairs – it’s just easier and nice to have it done. Soon we will be switching from the grill to the kitchen.