Baby Pumpkins Stuffed with Creamy Spinach, the second time — 4 Comments

  1. Oh no, such a sad sad story. I am such an animal lover, reading that broke my heart!

  2. These personal pumpkins are genius.

    I counted seven of Misty’s pups plus one born mountain climber.

    One weighs letting dogs be dogs and run about living their glorious lives, against the requirement to keep them close as the protectors of them we are charged to be. (Even as they charge themselves to be protectors of us.)

  3. Delline, it is sad…. we never found out what happened.

    Dan, it is a tough choice…. but where they live cars are few and they love going for long walks. And they’re mountain dogs. Still, very sad…. but it’s the only time, out of many dogs and many litters that one has not returned.

    Zoomie, he thinks she might have cornered a buck…. she liked to chase them and if one turned on her – they’re big.