Spicy Stuffed Acorn Squash; Essaouira — 7 Comments

  1. Love the term whimpy palate !!!! The stuffed squash has my mouth watering and it’s only breakfast time.

  2. Yum! This reminds me of the stuffed delicata squash (stuffed with Flageolet Bean Cassoulet w/ Chili Wilted Turnip Greens, Oyster Mushrooms) last night at Rhubarb here in Asheville.

    You always come up with the best Katie!


  3. Kate, I think it would actually by good for breakfast lol

    brassfrog, sounds like you have great restaurants in Asheville! I have Delicata this year,,,, very nice little squashes, but none big enough to stuff for a main course. Could do a starter…..

    Thanks Sullimaybe 😉

    Ina, it was a beautiful town and great seafood! As to the shopping….. wonderful

  4. Great interview, Katie! Even though it featured a recipe using one of my least favourite squashes 😉

    But winter squashes ARE my favourite. And this stuffed squash sounds and looks wonderful.

    Your photos of Morocco are also wonderful; I really like the intense light. Ha! If the souk vendor knew you were an American living in France, would he still say that he likes you? And would the price go up or down?