Tomato, White Bean and Pasta Soup, Moroccan markets — 5 Comments

  1. Katie – love your soup recipe..soup is an all time favorite for me. I have heard about those barber’s/teeth pullers before. A good friend of our has witnessed the very same. Terrifying…and I thought I was afraid of our Canadian certified educated dentists….now I know I have nothing to be afraid of!

  2. Ina, terrifying is right…. I have a fear of dentists. But love soup

    Kate, I think I’ll stick with my own dentist…. but I loved watching them shaving.

  3. That’s my kind of soup!

    It’s also my kind of travelling (if I ever left the house, that is). What fabulous photos! Did you get a chance to look closely at the tagines (as in the photo labelled “destined to become lunch”)? Am I correct that they do indeed have a hole at the top?