Bacon and Cabbage Strudel; am I having fun yet? — 5 Comments

  1. I must have missed the new hip news!!! How is he doing? It was great here today. Hubby raking leaves!
    His nephew gave him a small drone. We went out in the country to try it today and he flew it right up in a tree and he can’t get it down!!!!

  2. Our weather did the same thing here for several days and the grass started growing again. It went down to 25 last night though so I don’t think my hubby is going to worry about one last cut.

    I love bacon. I don’t eat much of it because of the salt, but I love bacon. I do NOT however, put it in my chocolate, my ice cream or anything else that just sounds nasty. However, this strudel sounds wonderful so that’s going in my rotation to try 🙂

  3. I agree Katie – everything in moderation. We have been getting delicious bacon, ham and turkey sandwich meat, made from all natural ingredients and naturally smoked (no nitrates etc.) As you mentioned, if eating tons of chemicals, processed foods of course it can’t be good for you. We try to stay as natural and organic as possible….plus it tastes wayyyy better!

  4. Phoenicia, now for the time to use it….

    Evelyn, oh, poor Hubby….. bet he is not happy. Mine is doing fine, thank you 😉

    nightsmusic, I love it too, but what we get here is marginal, at best. I tend to use more of the dry-cured ham which is wonderful.

    Ina, one of the things I miss is smoked turkey breast. And I have to get my Christmas ham from England. Smoking is just not popular here