Dining in Barcelona

We love dining in Barcelona.

Occasionally, okay, very, very rarely, I do a post without a recipe. This is one of those times.

The food we had at both of these restaurants in Barcelona was so exceptional that I couldn’t bring myself to add one of my recipes….

After we all left Morocco some of the family came back to France with us for week of relaxing.

At the end, my b-i-l and s-i-l from Hawaii were flying out of Barcelona.Since that is our second favorite European city we decided to drive them to Barcelona a few days early and spend the weekend.

Naturally that involved dining at two of our old favorite restaurants.

The first was El Asador de Aranda, Tibidabo. There are several of these restaurants in Barcelona, but the one on Tibidabo is our favorite.


It reminds us of Morocco…..

Their specialty is roast lamb. There are a few other things on the menu but we’ve never deviated from the lamb.

It’s simply the best lamb one can eat.

Everything is included in the menu: first course, lamb, wine, dessert.

These are not the best photos as it was a bit dark in the restaurant, but, to start we had a platter of white asparagus, morcilla (blood sausage), meatballs and pulled pork. It was served with tomato bread, of course.asador_starter

The main course was the wood-fire roasted lamb. They serve a quarter of lamb for two people. It’s brought to the table whole, presented, then pulled apart and served with a simply dressed lettuce, onion and tomato salad.asador_lamb

We’ve been there many times…. We’ve never been disappointed.

The other restaurant we went to was Passadis del Pep.

The first time we went to this restaurant we had no idea where it was.

Neither did the taxi driver.

We were dropped off and told to look for No. 2.

We found No. 2. It was above a nondescript door. We opened the door to an equally nondescript empty hallway. We gingerly walked down the hall to another door – no name or number.

We opened that door.

We found ourselves in a lovely dining room and were immediately greeted and shown to our table.

They started bringing food and cava (Spanish sparkling wine).

They continued bringing food, although we eventually switched to red wine.

We never saw a menu…. because there is no menu.

Nothing has changed here either….. other than we now know where it is and what to expect.

I didn’t manage to get photos of all the courses.

I was too busy eating.

After we were shown to our table, the Cava was poured and a platter of Mortadella was put in the center of the table, along with Tomato Bread, of course.

Next came a plate of Tuna Tartar, garnished with chopped tomatoes and red onions.

This was followed by two platters: one of Jamón de Ibérico and the other of White Asparagus.

We then had a platter of Clams and one of Sea Snails.

We had switched to white wine by this time.


Next came lightly fried Calamari and Wild Mushrooms in butter and olive oil.


Which was followed by a platter of very large Langoustines and another of marinated Gambas (shrimp).


No, we’re not done yet…..

We hadn’t had any starch – so naturally, a bowl of Squid Ink Risotto was put on the table.


Finally, it was time for the main course: We had a choice of Steak or lobster.

We all chose steak.

We switched to red wine.


To finish we had a small selection of Desserts to share. There were only 4 of us….pasadis_dessert

After dessert we had coffee.

Then they had the audacity to bring small liqueur glasses to the table…. along with 4 bottles of liqueurs for us to pour and enjoy.

My b-i-l had eaten at this restaurant with us when we lived in Andorra, 14 years ago. It was at his request that we went back as he said it was the best restaurant he had ever eaten at.

He wasn’t disappointed.

Last update on November 6, 2015

3 thoughts on “Dining in Barcelona”

  1. Katie,
    We’re these restaurants Michelin starred? How expensive were they? I need to record these for our next visit to Barcelona.


  2. Kate, the lamb is sublime, but the other restaurant is really about the seafood (although the steak was fantastic)

    brassfrog, Not Michelin starred… neither is that type of restaurant. It’s really about the best quality prepared simply. El Asador is 45 – 50 per person, including wine and cava. Go if you love lamb! As to the Michelin star – they don’t carve the lamb table-side, they pull it apart and plop it on the platter.
    Passadis del Pep is expensive – and one is clueless as to how much one is spending so – don’t go unless you love seafood and can tolerate a pricey dinner: 100 – 140 per person. Of course if one pays more attention to those last liqueurs and to how many bottles of wine get set on the table….. But where’s the fun in that? We thought it was worth every cent….

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