Dining in Barcelona — 3 Comments

  1. Katie,
    We’re these restaurants Michelin starred? How expensive were they? I need to record these for our next visit to Barcelona.


  2. Kate, the lamb is sublime, but the other restaurant is really about the seafood (although the steak was fantastic)

    brassfrog, Not Michelin starred… neither is that type of restaurant. It’s really about the best quality prepared simply. El Asador is 45 – 50 per person, including wine and cava. Go if you love lamb! As to the Michelin star – they don’t carve the lamb table-side, they pull it apart and plop it on the platter.
    Passadis del Pep is expensive – and one is clueless as to how much one is spending so – don’t go unless you love seafood and can tolerate a pricey dinner: 100 – 140 per person. Of course if one pays more attention to those last liqueurs and to how many bottles of wine get set on the table….. But where’s the fun in that? We thought it was worth every cent….