Stuffed Yellow Peppers, with Beef and Orzo — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t know that I’ve ever had sumac, the seasoning. I have never seen it here either.

    I have never used green peppers when I’ve stuffed them. Though you know peppers and I don’t mesh, my husband likes them, but I use the yellow because they hold up to the heat of baking better and have a milder taste that he likes. I eat the stuffing sans pepper and it’s all good. I’ll have to try this one though because I can guarantee just from looking at the ingredients that he would love it.

    How are you? How is the country at large? Did the shock waves reach you or not so much?

  2. I love this information on the spices and the bowls are perfect. Great souvenirs. And when you run out you have no choice but to come back over !!

  3. nightsmusic, only minor shock here – in comparison. There is a culinary sumac – it has a lovely, lemon flavor. I hardly ever use green peppers, although that used to be the standard. I think they’re bitter.

    Kate, that’s why I didn’t buy too much…. wouldn’t want it to go stale, and it’s such a short trip (relatively speaking)