Toffee Bars; the scoop on the lake — 4 Comments

  1. YAY! I can make these cookies and skip the almonds 🙂

    So he’s going to use the lake for irrigation? He must be counting on the lake filling from the bottom up, the water seeping up through the ground. Bummer on the no free veggies, but what about the corn?

  2. Apart from the Xmas cake and a batch of triple ginger biscuits to welcome my son from San Francisco, I haven’t started my baking. If it doesn’t cool down a bit, I won’t be doing much anyway.

    He could at least have alternated corn and broad beans like he farmer next door to my friend! If you get good rains during the Winter and Spring, it could be reasonably full by next summer but obviously not enough for irrigation. At least the flora and fauna will start getting established around it.

  3. nightsmusic, yes, skip the almonds; make the cookies 😉 It gets very wet here in the winter, so it could be the rain runoff…. but now he’s dug a pit… maybe a well?

    Gill, we’re hoping the bank gets some grass seed. and I’m guessing he’ll stock fish. Frogs should love it. I’ll have to look into what I can do with soy beans. I’ll pass on the field corn…

  4. OH dear oh dear oh dear!! We already have so many Christmas goodies that I HAVE to make (ginger shortbread, regular shortbread, vinar terta, cherry snowballs, ‘food for the gods’, pulla, Luciakatter….) and now you have really done it!

    J’adore toffee bars. And until now, I mercifully had no idea how to make them. Thanks a lot, Katie….