Braised Veal with Garlic; Christmas?? — 7 Comments

  1. My decorations come down when I get ready to take them down. I hate taking them down so when the mood strikes, I take advantage of it. Sometimes it’s a few days after, sometimes, it’s after New Year’s Day, but they’re always down within 10 days, more because we have a real tree and it becomes too much of a fire hazard. I do leave the lights up around the interior windows all year though. I like them. 🙂

  2. The tradition in our family is the decorations should be taken down on “Twelfth Night” i.e. by the evening of 5th January. This year I was decorating our tree as I was preparing our special Xmas Eve dinner (only for the two of us). We have not had any decorations up for the past three years!

  3. I do exactly what you do Katie. Tree up early Dec. down by Jan 1st or 2nd. Although, this year our tree (which is real) is starting to look very dried out, so it may come down a day or two earlier.

  4. I follow my families tradition of leaving things up and on until January 1st. On the first the tree goes back in the closet and the lights get turned off. If the weather is bad I might wait to take down the lights till a good day.. Happy New Year everybody

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  6. Dorothy Parker defined “eternity” as “a ham and two people.” ? When we do a tree, I usually decorate it about a week before Christmas and take it down on New Year’s Day. Ours sits in a sunny spot so it dries out fast, even with frequent watering. The door decoration will often stay up much longer, from after Thanksgiving to well into the new year.

  7. nightsmusic, I hate taking them down too – but glad when the house is back to normal

    Gill, that’/s the tradition here in France, too. I can’t wait that long. Glad you had a tree this year!

    Ina, I enjoy it more before Christmas than after….

    wonky , I always thought it would be nice if I could just wheel the whole thing in a big closet, intact…. wheel it out the next year all ready lol

    Zoomie, that’s why freezers were invented. Half of my ham is back in, waiting for another day 😉