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Honey Mustard Acorn Squash; bacon vs dry-cured ham — 5 Comments

  1. Katie – too bad you do not have access to Canadian Bacon! The kind I buy is thick cut, naturally smoked, no sulfates or nitrates, and much more flavorful than the prosciutto we can get here. Years ago the only bacon we would buy was an imported Danish Bacon that came in a can – it was called “Tulip Brand” again thick cut and naturally smoked. Have not seen that bacon in years, but this new brand we can get is as good. I would sorely miss my bacon or ham for that matter – but at least you can get a good ham from England. They too, I have heard have great bacon.

  2. My dog usually laid in any place where I would have to step over her, and when I was in mid-step, she would scramble up, nearly upending me. I never learned to expect that and she never learned to simply lie still!

  3. Tanna, if the door is wider they stretch more to fill….

    Ina, I’ve never found Prosciutto to be very flavorful – unless it’s the good stuff in Italy, but our ham is wonderful and very flavorful. British bacon is a bit, er, insipid as well, I think. They, of course, love it….

    Zoomie, I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve kicked a dog in the head while stepping over and them popping up. They never learn to be still. Now I try to remember to put a hand down…..

    kate, mine are on their rugs or blankets all winter – and next to then all summer. I just leave the outdoor door open…. one more place to have to step over. Sigh…