Bread Baking Babes go to Georgia – Khachapuri — 6 Comments

  1. What do you mean, only one brave enough to use the egg? By my count, there were two intrepid BBBabes. And Heather was the bravest of the two of us; she left the yolks whole and just oozing, instead of mixing the egg in the way we did (as per the video) before serving.

  2. oops, make that three! Judy added egg as well – looking very oozy, just the way you like them, Katie. What a good thing that the comment form hides my gag reflex so well…. 😉

    (Yay! I’m allowed to comment again!)

  3. Elle, Babes are noted for their own interpretation of the recipe 😉 (and some for their aversion to eggs)

    Elizabeth, hmmmm, I only see one (spouses don’t count – well they count, but not for this) I’m assuming you also don’t eat proper Caesar Salad?

    Lien, really – I agree with you. The dare is on!

  4. That’s true and I found it interesting that I expected all the Babes to like the idea of runny eggs because all my television food programmes tell that’s how the “perfect” egg should be. 🙂