Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese on Polenta Rounds, spike heels for everyone! — 9 Comments

  1. Mmmmm, butternut squash and goats cheese…..

    If the female characters wore sensible shoes and tied their hair back, then the advertisers would have conniptions because they would know that none of their target audience would want to watch the show anymore. And they don’t have anything to sell to the people who want to see a sensibly shod cast of characters.

    As for your question “where do these working women keep stuff?”, I believe that they keep everything in their giant kid leather designer shoulder bag that they rifle through to find their combs. And as for those stupid shoes, they NEED to wear them. The heels are called “stillettos” for a reason…..

    What I really want to know is why all the characters on ALL the shows look exactly like each other. I can’t tell any of them apart, nor can I even tell which show is which.

    (Have you discovered “River” on Netflix yet? Refreshingly, it appears to be stiletto-heel free.)

  2. Katie – I love this dish! Great flavor combinations here. How lucky to have your own walnut tree. We bought some this year from a local farm – wow no comparison to store bought. As a child my mother used to pickle walnuts – they were fabulous!

  3. My pet peeve these days is the way anchor women on the news dress. They are all slickly beautiful with long tresses and low necklines. I miss Walter Cronkite, who was not beautiful but who gave us a sense that news reporting was a thoughtful, serious profession. Even on PBS, they are now glamour queens.

  4. How strange is that? I was sure I had commented on this! I’m positive that I foamed excessively! Because the spike heels drive me crazy too!

    Too bad I can’t remember everything that I said (or maybe it’s a good thing).

    What I do remember is: Mmmmm! Butternut squash and goats cheese….

  5. 😉 no you are not stupid! and you write great funny stuff and your recipe rocks! I’m always happy when an odd assortment that has to be used comes together so perfectly … but then maybe some of it is because we keep getting/planting the things we like –

  6. I am certain that I have commented on this twice now…. third time lucky??

    First of all, j’adore butternut squash, goat’s cheese and sage.

    Second of all, come on!! How could they leave the spike heels out? They’d lose their audience if those women started running around in flats.

    But I do like your point about the pockets. Why can’t we have pockets in all of our clothes? Decent sized pockets, not piddly little flat things that are just for decoration…. But what gets me more than the idiotic clothing is that everyone looks alike in these shows. I can’t tell any of the characters apart.

  7. Ina, we gathered nuts in the woods when I was a child. Having our own trees is wonderful. We also have hazelnuts but they aren’t as nice. We live in a big nut growing area (along with plums and apples)

    Thanks, Kate…. some of it is just so ridiculous!

    Zoomie, our news show doesn’t have talking heads – just voice-overs with the facts, no opinions either. I’m happy!

    Tanna, my life is dictated by my garden…. except for the spring. I’m so happy when I can buy vegetables!

    Wonky73, ahem, I believe it’s called Covert Affairs….. It was apparently somewhat of a hit (?) as it was on for 5 years and even won an award. Perhaps for running in stilettos. As we live in France we are way out of touch with anything current in the US….