Chicken Breasts Savoyard; lunch v dinner

This is one of those dishes that I have been making since the beginning of time. It’s a lovely party dish that expands easily.  Boneless chicken and artichoke bottoms, baked in a white wine sauce.

It can be prepared ahead and baked to reheat at the last minute.  Very little work for gourmet main course.

I use either frozen, thawed, cooked artichoke bottoms or canned that have been thoroughly rinsed.

Serve with some Basmati or Mashed Potatoes.

The recipe, Chicken Breasts Savoyard, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Chicken Savoyarde.

We were invited to lunch today.

It was a lovely lunch: the food was delicious, the company convivial…..

But I’m wiped out!

When we go out to dinner in the evening we have the usual 4 course meal with aperos and wine and after-dinner digestives. We come home, I pat the dogs and we go to bed.


But sometimes, like today, it’s lunch, rather than dinner. We have the same number of courses, the same amount of food, the same amount of alcohol….. We’re eating and drinking and talking and laughing for 5 hours.

We come home….

And I have to walk the dogs, then feed the dogs.

I’m exhausted but I can’t hardly go to bed at 6pm.

I’ve had enough to eat and drink to last until next Tuesday, but I know in a few hours, someone (who shall remain nameless) will be wondering ‘what’s for dinner’.

I have things to do but no energy to do anything.

I know people who do this 2 or 3 times every week – multiple lunches and dinners!

I can’t imagine….

But, I’m one of those people who works best on an empty stomach.

Obviously, I’m in the minority in this neighborhood.

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4 thoughts on “Chicken Breasts Savoyard; lunch v dinner”

  1. I agree after lunch you can write off the rest of the day. It is fine when there are long summer evenings because you can lie down for half to three quarters of an hour (no longer!!) and then carry on until it is dark or nearly so. I also get asked “whats for dinner?” when I would prefer not to look at food until the next day at least! The one thing we have learnt from these long lunches/dinners is to eat slower, savour our food and enjoy the social aspect.

  2. Gill, if I could only convince myself to drink only water and skip dessert – but where’s the fun in that? I’d be happier to convince myself to nap when I got home LOL

    Zoomie, I have to work on the nap thing…. I love naps. My mother did too good of a job with that old German Work Ethic!

  3. Be still my beating heart!! That chicken looks wonderful!!

    I can never have alcohol for lunch. It’s lovely but it completely ruins the rest of the day. (Once, many years ago, we had champagne for Sunday brunch and then did the vacuuming. Vacuuming has never been so fun. But. We had to vacuum again the next day because it was clear that whoever had done it the day before didn’t really understand that vacuuming has to be done in straight consecutive lines….)

    (fingers crossed that this will appear in your comments and not be whisked away into the ether)

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