Lemon Chickpea Soup with Bulgur, the lake and a curiosity — 5 Comments

  1. That would seem to be great soup where I am at the moment.
    That pink thing … yes, it’s an oddity. I could see it being off of an old prop plane and be something not related to the plane at all. Who knows? Maybe somebody will show up here with a real idea.

  2. Manna from heaven? Or in this case, oddities from heaven?

    We were growing things at our old house, one was a flathead Ford engine. I often wondered if my dad had managed to bury the whole car somewhere there, but alas, we’ll never know now.

    And yes, I am alive. I’ve been sick for three weeks. Ugh…

    Can I make the soup with white beans do you think instead of chickpeas? I made a garlic and chickpea soup once that looked lovely in the recipe photo. It was a gray, flavorless bowl of…never mind. But unless they’re put on salad, I no longer eat them, it was that bad.

  3. Tanna, it’s a lovely soup 😉 – the lemon really perks it up!

    nightsmusic, my mother used to tell us about a ‘sink hole’ on their farm where her father dumped equipment. It’s a treasure trove waiting discovery. White beans will work just fine. I happened to have chickpeas….

    Phoenicia, the theory from a farmer I asked today was that it was likely carried there by a fox. Apparently they are noted for picking things up and carting them off – dog toys, horse harnesses, small pieces of equipment…. Don’t know why.

    Zoomie, Kong carried by a fox….. I like that better than stuff falling from the sky.