Roast and Smoked Salmon Kedgeree; new bod for Barb — 3 Comments

  1. I grew up with kedgeree. I loved it. It certainly made an appearance over Easter, probably my mother served it in Good Friday. She had been bought up as a strict Anglican and does not eat meat on Good Friday. I do not know why and never asked ?

  2. Wow, kedgeree is markedly different from the kitcheree (based on one served to us in Calcutta) that we had for breakfast the other day – small yellow lentils, rice, potatoes, ginger, butter, mustard seeds, cumin and zero fish. Kedgeree looks delicious!

    Good point about not worrying about the shape of the plastic doll but concentrating instead on the in-the-flesh dolls. I am reminded of the time I came back from India, where I had been quite sick and came home two sizes smaller than I had gone (and I was relatively thin when we embarked). An anorexic corp-de-ballet dancer saw me and said, “Wow! You look fantastic.” I knew then that I HAD to gain back those two sizes.