Savory Pork Chops Diablo; Angry or Amused? — 5 Comments

  1. I watch very few of those videos. I have much better things to do with my time especially as we have a slow internet connection. One friend forwards wildlife ones always worth watching so I make time for those and forward the best.

    We like devilled food so this recipe is being saved for cooler weather. We are still having heatwave conditions so barbecues (braais) and salads have been on the menu for weeks.

  2. Those videos are called “clickbait” for a reason. I can usually recognize them from the format of the intro (lots of punctuation) and I just move on. Often, they don’t come from a friend but rather are “suggested” by FB. The whole point of them is to get clicks, which the originators can show to a client as proof of their ability to place ads in front of potential customers. And they are *loaded* with ads!

    My pet peeve is the ones that show falls or other clumsiness by hapless humans or, worse, pets. Not funny! They cater to our cruel side.

  3. I never watch that sort of thing on FB or on those reality video competition TV shows. i have never found it funny watching people fall off swings or diving boards etc. How people can film disasters or the misfortune of others including animals is beyond me.

  4. I don’t click or make new years resolutions. Too many folks have either too much time or no life. I am intrigued by recipes unfolding without my clicking but they all use store brand dough in a can and far too much sugar to grab me. Still I watch in case there is a good idea in there somewhere. Haven’t found that one yet.

  5. Gill, I tend to get sucked in to the video for about 5 seconds before sanity takes over – which means I get more in my feed, I’m not going to click anymore!

    Zoomie, I hate those too – how can people be so insensitive? They laugh at humans and cry at animals.

    kate, I have always disliked any sort of slapstick, whether accidental of contrived. As to the disasters…. also beyond me.

    phoenicia, that was an accidental resolution lol. I do tend to look at the recipes – like you, I can sometimes get an idea once I get past the crap, er, I mean purchased food products. As to too much time – who makes all those stupid things? And why?