Slow-Roasted Venison; a new slow cooker? — 7 Comments

  1. Katie – your venison looks wonderful. I have only had it once, and as I recall it too was cooked in a slow method in the oven but was wrapped in bacon to give it more tenderness – the gravy was fabulous. I have a slow cooker – rarely used as I find the food always ends up somewhat bland….maybe I still have not mastered the art of crock pots/slow cookers? In terms of canned cheddar cheese soup…or any canned soup for that matter (shudder) heaven forbid!

  2. I loved loved loved my slow cooker in Australia. It is solid and old. I wonder how I will manage to steal it back from my daughter when I get home. She already says it’s hers !!!!!!

  3. Rather than a slow cooker I’d recommend that you get a pressure cooker. My Kuhn-Rikon can do wonders with huge savings in time and energy. Living at higher elevations it helps too.

  4. I do have a slow cooker but rarely use it as most meats that we like are cooked rare or medium rare. However, My Beloved’s daughter swears by hers and has produced several tasty meals for us all from it. I say, go ahead and get it – they aren’t expensive and you might find it a big time saver.

  5. I have two slow cookers. One 6qt and one 3qt. The smaller is good for soups and stews, the larger for roasts and large chickens. I do NOT use cream soups. I use all fresh or organic, low sodium broths and such because I cannot take all the salt so prevalent in canned stuff. I use the slow cookers a lot in the winter though because I leave for work at 5:55am and don’t get home until 5pm. I’m tired by the time I get home and don’t want to be eating at 7:30 at night. I’ve made some pretty spectacular things in my crock pots though. I also have a pressure cooker, but that still takes time I don’t always want to spend when I get home, so use that most often on weekends.

    And A Year of Slow Cooking isn’t a bad site to look for recipes.

  6. Delline, same here…. I thought all that canned stuff would be gone by now 😉

    Ina, maybe slow-cooker recipes need extra spice? We shall see. Really, I’m surprised they’re still on the market (the condensed soups)

    Kate, I was surprised at how inexpensive the small ones are on Amazon…. Of course, you would have to be able to order it…. and receive it lol Sneak it out when she’s not looking.

    brassfrog, I have a pressure cooler, although not a fancy one like yours…. I’m thinking something I can ignore for hours has a lot of appeal (lazy?)

    Zoomie, we both love rare beef – but the beef we get really needs a slow cooker (or a pressure cooker). Sometimes, in summer, we splurge for a steak for the grill – but we have to go to a specific butcher shop and pay a fortune. The hubs doesn’t even want the regular beef in stews…. I have hopes for the slow cooker.

    nightsmusic, thanks for the site tip…It looks good. There are days I just don’t feel like cooking anymore…. getting tired of the pressure lol. This was I can put my feet up and pet the dogs.