Tagine of Lamb and Artichoke Bottoms; bored, sort of…. — 8 Comments

  1. ‘I watched Sarah Palin endorse Donald Trump.’

    I think I would have glued my eyes to the tagine, looking neither left nor right. So to speak.

    I like the idea of leaving bone in when possible. I think it adds to flavor, and forces guests to drop their civility and gnaw on them like partiers from the Middle Ages. They leave the house happier for having done that.

  2. How many artichoke bottoms did you use? Can you substitute frozen artichoke hearts?

    • Gloria, I used about 12 I think…. they were quite small,You could certainly use artichoke hearts instead…. Just not the ones in the jar that are marinated lol.

  3. Tanna, I am scarily fascinated by that lake…

    Dan, the foods we had in Morocco were bone-in. I agree – lots of flavor and it also forces people to slow down a bit – having to negotiate around the bones and all lol

    kate, I;m starting to worry about me a little ;-))

    Sullimaybe, but I don;t want a Mac…. I want mine. I had it built just for me!. (If I had wanted a Mac….lol) .

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