Turkey Cutlets with Mustard Sauce; no top 10 — 6 Comments

  1. Tarragon recommendation – I love the flavor of tarragon and have tried to grow it but our climate is just too hot. Do you use dried tarragon and if so, a particular brand?

  2. Carol, I use fresh in summer (lucky me) but dried in winter. No particular brand, but if it’s a quick dish, like this, you can soak it in a bit of wine or lemon first – to reconstitute it a bit. I always do that if there’s not a lot of sauce, also.

  3. I occasionally cook a version of this sauce, with egg yolk, mustard and other ingredients, cooking in a bowl over hot water, though I haven’t used tarragon with it, it’s a herb I don’t use very often. It’s a variation of Bearnaise sauce, isn’t it?! Sounds lovely.