Baked Lemon Cod, wine? — 8 Comments

  1. I have not been drinking but read your title as Baked Lemon Wine , and Cod !!! Anything baked has my name on it so I thought baked wine ? Why not.

  2. I had an Haut-Brion, once. It was 1971, I was just out of the Navy, poor and in college. I had a wine book I was studying. I saw the bottle at a liquor store in Modesto, CA. It was $12.00, which was WAY too much money for me to spend. I bought it anyway. I couldn’t appreciate it, but I drank it anyway. Tasted like red wine, but far better than the $5/gallon-jug red wine I was drinking at the time. ?

  3. How bizarre that the chateau is right in the middle of the city!!

    …I’ve heard of Haut-Brion. I might have even seen a bottle once in a display case. But that’s as close as I’ll ever get.

    It reminds me of the time we were on a bicycling holiday and rode into St.Emilion at around 4pm in the middle of vendage – we had no hotel reservations. According to the tourist office, there was one hotel that still had a room. We pedalled over. As soon as we saw the front desk, we knew it was out of our league. But the man insisted that we look at his “last room for the night”. We reluctantly agreed to look. He pulled a giant key from under the desk, walked out from behind the desk and led us outside and across the street to a giant stone house (16thc???). He kept trying to get us to go inside to look but we kept saying we couldn’t possibly; our bicycles would get it dirty – we’d get it dirty.

    We ended up, thanks to this wonderful man phoning for us (!), riding about 10km out of St.Emilion to one of the highway hotels. Still a little pricey by our standards but at least it wasn’t premier cru prices….

  4. Tanna, it was very strange. They weren’t open which was too bad. If we ever find it again….

    Kate, Lemon wine…. I think we made that in university….. I think it was awful.

    Zoomie, that it was.

    Brassfrof, lucky you! Too bad you can’t go back and taste it again. $12 was a lot for a bottle of wine back then…. and that was before the prices went crazy.

    Elizabeth, St. Emillion is kind of pricey anyway – but what a fun story and such a gorgeous area to be riding bikes in. We’re getting our ready for summer – can’t wait!

  5. I wish we were having this instead of what I have planned. We love cod. Good flavor and texture. Always delicious.