Moroccan Beetroot and Cumin Salad; lake update — 6 Comments

  1. In Australia I always found the tinned beetroot to be of a very high standard and used it a lot. Only fresh from the field beetroot here in Morocco.

  2. Lovely salad Katie…I make an identical one but with fresh basil. We are still getting farm fresh beets in our neck of the woods. I prefer to roast my beets as it really brings out the sweetness – so tasty!

  3. I was getting fresh beets up until a month ago. Not anymore. Too freezing cold now 🙁 I generally buy bushels of them and pickle them. That way, I can chop them, toss them with some cheese and a little olive oil and have a nice salad or I can put them on other salads and things. I’ll have to try your way.

    I would be watching all the time to see what the lake was doing next. I’m not nosy though. Really, I’m not. 😉

  4. Will make that salad. My Moroccan cumin is gone. What I bought doesn’t come close to being as good or fragrant. Costco sells organic cooked beets in clear pouches. So easy.

  5. Why don’t you grow beets in your potager? Then you could have your beets and eat them too. Not to mention that the greens alone make it worth while.

    Your beet recipe is very handy. I have a weakness for beet greens and keep buying beets just for the greens. From time to time, 50% of the household rants about all the beets lying around in the vegetable drawer. We always have cumin seeds on hand; now I can suggest your Morroccan beet salad. I think we’ll add goat’s cheese instead of feta though.

  6. Kate, I’m actually very happy with the vacuum-packed I get – no muss, no fuss 😉

    Ina, fresh would be nice – occasionally lol I make ‘quick’ pickles with the ones I get in summer – just for snacks.

    Phoenicia, that cumin is wonderful – I’ve been parsing it out slowly lol Cooked beets = so easy….

    Elizabeth, I already have more than I want to take care of – and I have it jammed to the gills in summer…. no room. Besides, our clay dirt is so hard, root vegetables just don’t do well. (onions sit on top)