Salami Risotto; protesting farmers — 4 Comments

  1. Last weekend when asked what he wanted to plant in the garden this summer my 3 year old Grandson replied “salami” and when he realised that was not a possibility, he decided upon a “red flower”. Vegetables are not an option as far as he is concerned!

  2. I don’t dare buy salami without a purpose in mind for it and it has to be something within 24 hours of bringing it home. If I buy it for sandwiches or anything else where it isn’t all used at once, it’s eaten at once! It’s wonderful snack food (yes, I know, fattening and salty) but it doesn’t last in our house at all.

    I think I’ll have to make this when I get home from the store. It’s the only way I’ll have enough salami to make it.

  3. Kate, exactly the same here – on both counts.

    Gill, if only we could grow salami….. life would be good lol

    nightsmusic, but it’s so good! Once I opened it for the risotto the rest was gone in less than a day lol