Slow Cooker Beef Provençal — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for your recent slow cooker recipes. I don’t use my cooker as much as I would like…so your recipes are an inspiration and motivation to pull mine out!

  2. This sounds yummy! Word to the method though, brown your roast whole and then cut it up before you put it in the slow cooker. You loose a lot less juice that way and it takes less time for the meat to get tender.

    And happy shopping tomorrow! Yes, yes, I am jealous…

  3. Enjoy your shopping and your lunch – we will have to wait until the latter part of the year before doing the same and changing holiday home stocks into everyday ones.

    I had a slow cooker years ago and perhaps the time is coming when I will replace it. At the moment I am doing similar recipes in my cast iron pots but they are very heavy when full and need to go into the oven.

  4. Carol, you’re welcome… I’m really enjoying it – both the food and the more leisurely dinnertime.

    Ina, it is simple to put together…. I think I’, getting lazier.

    nightsmusic, I don’t buy roasts as such here (usually) they’re always tied and tend to be fatty inside. With the pieces I can see what I’m getting.

    Gill – work, yes… but it will be fun and exciting. Cast iron is so heavy!

    Kate – you would love it…. the only problem is deciding.