Coq au Vin, traditional, Slow-Cooker; new toy — 7 Comments

  1. Boo on the plug issue.
    There is a little learning curve on a slow cooker but when a recipe works well, as your Coq Au Vin, it seems pointless to engage in extra fuss.
    Great looking coq au vin, a favorite anytime.

  2. Your coq au vin looks wonderful! I have to admit, I do love my slow cooker. Then again, I work every day, leaving at 6am and getting home at 5pm, so getting everything ready the night before and just setting the timer the next morning is a fabulous thing to do.

    Sometimes, it takes a bit of finagling to get the recipe to work, but I don’t really make anything with canned soup in it either.

  3. The reason I started writing slow cooker cookbooks was not using any cans execept pure tomatoes 😉 And I admit I own 4 different slow cooker sizes.

  4. I know you are WAY better than me at coming up with your own recipes, but if you ever need any inspiration, I often get recipes from the “365 crockpot” blog. The large majority of her recipes are made from real food and are fairly healthy, so I usually turn towards her site when I know I’ll be using my crock pot!

  5. Tanna, life is always full of surprises here lol.

    Nightsmusic, I’m sure it will take some getting used to – esp since I don’t like to bother with directions….

    kuchenlatein, I didn’t know you had cookbooks…. are any in English?

    k_sam, thanks for the site…. 365 sounds like there should be some good inspiration.

    Kate is there an Amazon Morocco? You might have some luck with Amazon France – just because…. Maybe you could ask for special non-descript packaging…

  6. Katie, I am looking forward to more slow cooker recipes from you. I know they will be worthwhile. The coq au vin sounds wonderful.