Osso Bucco, Slow Cooker; getting the foot — 5 Comments

  1. That is the norm here but the taxi’s (minibuses) are worse. They think nothing of driving in the emergency lane on the left and then turning right across all lanes of traffic at the next traffic lights. If that is not an option during rush hour, they drive in the face of oncoming traffic and expect them to get out of the way!

  2. Motorcyclists can legally do that here, too, as long as traffic is stopped. they aren’t supposed to do it while moving, but they do.

  3. I so love Osso Bucco. Veal shanks on the Big Island don’t exist. It will be my birthday dinner at the only French restaurant here. No Italian restaurants here either that are not junk. Lucky you found them.

  4. Kate, it feels like it sometimes – Barcelona is terrible that way.

    Gill, that would be terrifying! It hasn’t come to that yet here….

    Zoomie, they do it everywhere here – always have…. even on the motorways at 130 kph.

    Phoenicia, I see them so rarely and they never have them if I ask. So I grab and enjoy. Now I want an Italian restaurant…. We’ll have to go to Italy again.