Well Done Babes! Caramelized Onion Bread to celebrate 8 years! — 5 Comments

  1. Many thanks, once again, Katie, for showing off all the breads on one page. I’m thinking seriously about maybe, just maybe caramelizing some onions after all.

    I’m terrible at remembering anniversaries! I just looked and see that I missed my 10 year blogging anniversary by two and a half years. Ooops!! What a good thing I didn’t miss this BBBabes’ anniversary though. This bread, sans onions (apparently one here person can resist caramelized onions…) is fabulous!

    And… Oh come on. Nobody, but nobody, had even remotely fine moments with the dreaded Croc! Did they? I’m shuddering now, just thinking about wrestling with that horrid beast. As I recall, I refused to make it as a BBwannaB in 2008, having already twice failed miserably. When I thought I had finally finished licking my wounds and attempted it one more time in 2010 to try to catch up to the other BBBabes, the result was easily as disastrous as the other two times.

  2. Except for Lien. Of course! Lien is an expert at wrestling with the croc….

    (I do know it’s wrong to be happy with someone else’s misfortune. I really do. But it still gave me pleasure to look at your croc photos and my most recent croc photos and see that they are equally flat as pancakes. If our cutting boards weren’t so different, it would be as if the breads were made in the same kitchen.)

  3. It’s just great that you’re still making these wonderful round ups, I love ’em. I think we should do a retry of the croc…. let’s see when is it my month…..

  4. Elizabeth, we’re not good at anniversaries either – we usually remember our wedding anniversary sometime within a 3 month window. Fortunately, we aren’t bothered by it all lol The croc should be banned.

    Except for Lien. Go Lien! I’ll watch this time – and maybe learn

    The naughty corner is where the wine is – the good stuff!