Beef, Spinach, Ricotta Lasagne — 3 Comments

  1. Katie you lasagna looks scrumptious. We love lasagna in this household too, such a satisfying meal…I have quite a few recipes on my own blog. Although I use gluten free lasagna noodles I too learned they do not need to be precooked – such a time saver.

  2. This looks yummy! I do use cottage cheese but only because I’m not a big ricotta fan. I also make my mozzarella which makes for a creamier cheese. I use regular pasta and don’t cook it, but also don’t use a heavy tomato sauce so there is quite a bit of liquid going on and the pasta always comes out just fine.

    I’m so sick of the election stuff here. I really am. And everywhere I read, blogs, articles, comments in totally non-political posts on places like Lifehacker and I just can’t get away from the politics! And the endless automated phone calls! UGH! Can’t wait until this is all over.

  3. Thanks, Ina… you do have some wonderful lasagnes…. I have a few bookmarked!

    nightsmusic, I use the tomatoes from my freezer, so, yes. I lot of liquid, but it works well. You will have a long wait, I’m afraid…. and it seems to be getting worse by the day. Poor you!