Olive and Avocado Egg Rolls, Secret Recipe Club — 8 Comments

  1. You know, I love that you used phyllo dough, what a nice twist! I love its delicate crunch and had no idea it would work in this type of recipe

    simply awesome! I am pinning it right away!

  2. Can anyone say serendipitous? I just made Gyoza wrappers for my SRC reveal this month, and was toying with the idea of using them as an egg roll wrapper. Now I have a recipe to put inside them. giggle. Great SRC choice.

  3. I am a huge fan of using what you have and can get in your area, so I love you for making do with your own ingredients, and using the recipe as inspiration. Well done, and great SRC pick.

  4. Thanks, everyone…. I love working with phyllo – it’s so easy (and cheap and fast) Give it a try. We were very happy with these Avocado Egg Rolls. Am loving the SRC