Rumaki Spinach Salad; internet problems — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve led a sheltered life; I’ve never heard of Rumaki. But I sure do like the look of this spinach salad with chicken livers!

  2. I must have spent my life under a rock in Australia. I do not know what rumaki is but as I prefer not to eat chicken livers I might have glazed over if it was served. I will eat the spinach though very happily !

  3. Elizabeth, maybe it was a US thing…. but we love chicken livers, too. Fortunately, so do the French so it’s easy to find them fresh. In the US they were usually frozen.

    kate, I grew up eating live so love all of it – esp. foie gras.

    Karen, it was a standard everywhere, wasn’t it? We’d eat way too many if I made them the traditional way…. The spinach was a nice balance lol