Slow Cooker Pork and Lentil Stew; tulips — 6 Comments

  1. Gorgeous flowers Katie! And I am with you…I love lentils. Have you ever tried the tiny blue French lentils? They are lovely…sometimes hard to find in my neck of the woods, but when they appear I stockpile. So good in soups and stews.

  2. So many times our neighborhood dogs waded casually through my irises, breaking off buds as they went! I despaired of having pretty flowers but couldn’t bring myself to scold the dogs who, of course, had no idea of the havoc they wrought.

  3. Ina, I wonder if they are the same as the Beluga? They are tiny, but, I think, black. I’ll look next time I’m at the bio store (organic health food). I stockpile too 😉

    Kate, we’ve been getting 1 day of sun, 1 day of rain, repeat, all spring. Sigh…..

    Zoomie, I had a beautiful bed of iris inside the fence. Apparently, the are soft as it became the favorite outdoor dog bed, regardless of me yelling and chasing. It’s gone now….. They had no idea why this crazy woman kept yelling at them, lol

  4. My mostly clumsy at gift-buying husband actually purchased me a beautiful pale yellow, 5 quart Le Creuset Dutch oven for Christmas this year…. I have decided to christen it with your pork and lentil recipe posted here. It’s all ready smelling fantastic! Thanks for the motovation.