Walnut Bread, the Bread Baking Babes bring back the past — 9 Comments

  1. But but but… why not for breakfast? Is red wine frowned upon now? Isn’t it supposed to be good for us?

    Many thanks for this lovely roundup. Just a note of correction, the book is from 1973. But I’m guessing that de Groot visited the Auberge in the 1960s (possibly earlier). Apparently, the Auberge was sold when the two ladies retired (died??) and, if it is even still standing, it is a mere shadow of what it was when de Groot visited.

    I promise that we will eat the next slice of walnut bread (there’s half a ring in the freezer) with some good cheese. Maybe a nice creamy stinky Champsfleury from Quebec…. I’m thinking it will be stellar that way.

  2. Walnut bread is one of our favourites with cheese but It also goes well with the French terrines and pâtés. On many a car rally we are served these along with red wine or coffee for the casse-croûte mid morning -delicious!

    I often add walnuts from our tree to my bread dough. I will be trying this recipe after we arrive in France mid June.

  3. Elizabeth – I made an error????? Surely not! Let me see if I can come up with an excuse that will blame someone else…. Nope, my fault entirely.Fine… I fixed it. Wouldn’t it be fun to try and find it? B=Good, stinky cheese, red wine, walnut bread, and a sunset…

    Karen, well, I would have it for breakfast, but I have to be careful about suggesting that to the conservative Babes. Wait….. what was I thinking?!?

    Elle, bread, wine and cheese and a sunrise – also good.

    Gill – you must be both excited and a bit frantic with the time getting so close. Do keep me posted!

  4. This bread is great with lots of things, so suitable for morning, lunch and with drinks (whenever you want to drink them). I had my slices with homemade pear jam, that was very good too!
    thanks for rounding our breads up again!

  5. We froze a half loaf of our walnut bread and broke it out a couple of nights ago to have after dinner with our favourite creamy cheese. It’s nice and stinky (a wonderful washed-rind Quebec cheese called Champfleury) and you’re right! Cheese is brilliant with walnut bread!