Artichokes with Creamed Peas & Bacon; weird weeds — 10 Comments

  1. I have only seen them in the summer months adorned with red berries. There are some plants under our bay tree and also on the banks of the nearby river

  2. nightsmusic, thanks for all the info! I’ve seen one or two other years but this year they seem to be everywhere, They’re under the fig and hazelnut trees. Maybe I’m just seeing them because it’s been too wet too mow there yet.

    sullimaybe, really? I’ll have to ask about them in my French class….

    Gill, I have a few under the bay, too – and I do remember the berries.

  3. Katie, that’s exactly why you haven’t seen them, I’m guessing. They must have gotten mowed down all the time LOL

    Our old house property went half an acre into a nature preserve where the wildflowers, Jack in the Pulpit, Mayapples and Trillium all grew prolifically. Because they grew naturally on my property, there was never any question as to whether I could pick them or dig them up. They were mine. I figured when we moved here I wouldn’t have the best growing conditions for them and unfortunately, I was correct, though I had to try. But they’re only illegal to pick here in certain areas.

    How to propagate them:

  4. Zoomie – calla lilliies? How interesting!

    nightsmusic, our mower is broke – so I’m seeing them everywhere in our field lol I always saw the leaves and wondered if there was a flower. Now I know.

    Elizabeth, it’s the base of the artichoke – kind of saucer shaped. They’re from a big artichoke. Artichoke ‘hearts’ include it but are from very small artichokes.