Poached Eggs with Crème Fraîche and Ham — 5 Comments

  1. I am with you on the eggs. I love them. Perfect standby and they have been very badly treated over Time by health “authorities”.

  2. I’m curious about why you poach the eggs before baking them. Seems like an extra step.

    We are pretty locked into the routine of meat, veg and starch or extra veg, but we are lucky to be able to get either pizza or Chinese food delivered. Our dessert is usually a low cal ice cream bar on a stick called Skinny Cow, or seasonal fruit. Only occasionally do I refuse to cook but I like your Mom’s Sunday night off. May need to incorporate that into our routine. ?

  3. Would really enjoy trying this over the weekend. I usually bake eggs when I’m trying something out of the ordinary but have never done so with the crème fraîche. I’ll let you know if I actually pull it off!

  4. Kate, I usually (always) ignore the food police 😉

    Ina, we eat them every day….

    Zoomie, only because it was a recipe from a French cook book and I decided to follow it. And they were perfectly done this way as well. We’re very consistent – easier for the hubs to manage the blood sugar.

    Kellypea, we love creme fraiche…. but only as a treat lol