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Repas de chasse – the annual hunter’s lunch — 8 Comments

  1. Wow what a lot of food – delicious looking too. And how cheap is that? We recently went out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate birthdays. Hubby had pan seared halibut, roast potatoes, steamed veggies. I had a dungeness crab, blue crab risotto, with steamed veggies. Plus 1/2 a litre of wine for us both. No appetizers or dessert. The bill was $135.00 Canadian! A once in a while treat that was spectacular….but I must say, your lunch looks very impressive at an incredibly cheaper cost.

  2. No wonder you’re tired! I bet it was the armagnac (although the sangria would have started giving wine legs). I hope you didn’t have to do anything after lunch – that looks fabulous – I especially like the look of the fish. And the venison stew. And the salad. And the cheese. And the….

    Wow!! You won a shoulder of venison! Do you feel a bit like the Flintstones now?

    (I cannot get over the price you paid for your lunch. I recently had (delicious) liver and onions dinner in a diner with coffee at the end but no aperitif, no appetizer, no wine, no fish course, no cheese, no dessert, and the bill came to just under Cdn$20. Clearly, I live in the wrong country.)

  3. Phoenicia, it was fun – but we sat in one spot for over 5 hours!

    Ina, and this is one of the more expensive meals lol. The one in the fall is only 15 – but less food (thankfully)

    Elizabeth, I did rather feel like Wilma toting that leg back to the house lol The price is amazing.,.. we’re so spoiled here.

    Kate, dessert was good – I had to eat ti all, too. We bring the dishes so they have to be clean.

    Zoomie, we barely moved the rest of the day.

    Chef mimi – it was, but glad it’s not every week!

    Susan, we used to have ‘village’ meals when I was a child in the midwest – it’s nice that they still do it here.